Individual Counseling

Mrs. Brown, Ms. Macchi & Mr. Mockry meet with students individually on a variety of issues. Referals are made by parents, teachers, faculty and also by students themselves. If you have questions or concerns regarding your student, please contact the Guidance Department at 792-5891.

Group Counseling

Each year the Guidance Department runs Student Groups by grade level. (Click here for more information.)

Classroom Presentations

Classroom Presentations are used as a way for Counselors to present information to entire group of students on Character Education.

Why Do Classroom Presentations?

Classroom presentations are used as a way for counselors to present information to entire group of students on Character Education and related topics. 

No Put Down Lesson

The purpose of the No Put Down Lessons is to help students recognize all forms of bullying and put downs. The two-part lesson is delivered in sixth-grade classes.

Students learn to understand the roles each person has in bullying, including the bully, victim, spectators, parents and school staff. Students brainstorm and share effective ways to deal with bullying.

Peer Leader Program

Eighth-grade peer leaders are chosen to participate in a training program called WAVE (Working Against Violence Everywhere). Peer leaders attend a two-day training by the Prevention Council in early October each year where they are trained to educate their younger peers on topics including:

  • Bullying

  • Anger Management

  • Conflict Resolution

Peer Leaders deliver three lessons to the sixth-grade classes.

National Mix It Up Day

National Mix It Up Day is a program utilized to increase awareness and tolerance among our students. Students across the country will mix it up at lunch time by swapping seats in the cafeteria and sitting somewhere new and with someone new. Teachers will deliver lessons to their students that deal with diversity and tolerance.