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Internet service at the South Glens Falls Central School District has been fully restored as of today, Wednesday, Jan. 4.

Access to all systems has been fully restored. Staff and students in all district buildings can use their Chromebooks for learning activities and in-school education.

The South Glens Falls CSD made the decision to shutter internet service on Monday, Dec. 19 following the detection of unauthorized activity on our server. Specialist working for the district have determined that there is no indication any of the district’s information has been compromised by this cybersecurity threat.

The South Glens Falls Central School District takes such incidents with the highest level of seriousness. As such, the district will continue to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigations to further investigate this incident.

We thank our staff and students for their understanding and patience during this time. Our Information Technology staff went above and beyond immediately upon learning about the  incident. We thank them for their hard work and diligence.