Friday, March 1 through Saturday, March 2, 2024 marks the 47th annual South High Marathon Dance (SHMD). The SHMD brings together thousands of people at the South Glens Falls Senior High School united in the common goal of helping others in a time of need. We thank everyone for their anticipated cooperation to help ensure a safe event.

All Persons and Belongings Subject to Search
Implemented in 2018, any persons entering the Senior High School, to include students, staff, visitors, and deliveries should expect to be screened, including belongings (such as bags, containers, boxes, etc.). Guns, knives and other weapons, alcohol, recreational drugs, fireworks, sparkling devices, and potentially hazardous material are not permitted on school property. The use of tobacco, nicotine, vape devices, or similar products is not permitted on school property. The SHMD strongly discourages general spectators from bringing bags to this event.

Safety and Security Measures in Place
The Marathon Dance will continue a variety of safety measures which have been implemented through the years. Law enforcement canines will be present prior to, and periodically during the event. Armed law enforcement, both uniformed and undercover, will be present throughout the entirety of the weekend. A Fire Safety Team will be present to enforce gym capacity, keep watch for fire and other hazards, and ensure egress routes are maintained. Satellite parking areas with shuttle bus service is in place to alleviate congestion at the Senior High School and impact on nearby roads. A dedicated Security Detail and Medical Staff was established in the 1980’s and continues to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Remain Alert and Report any Concerns
We have a shared responsibility to keep our community safe. Be aware of your surroundings; whether at the event or in a parking area, take note of any suspicious objects, persons, or potential hazards and report it promptly to Marathon Dance staff. If you become aware of someone who may have malicious intent, take what you hear or see seriously. Familiarize yourself with bus shuttle routes, building exits, public viewing areas, and the Dance schedule. Finally, please be polite to safety and security staff. While certain arrangements may be inconvenient, they are in place for the safety of all involved.Imp

Numerous Agencies and Organizations Contribute
SHMD would like to thank you, as well as the following, for supporting the safety mission: New York State Police, Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department, South Glens Falls Police Department, South Glens Falls Fire Company, Moreau Emergency Squad, Moreau Town Highway Department, South Glens Falls School Transportation Department, Saratoga Springs School Transportation Department, Adirondack Two-Way Radio, Wells Communication, Brinks, D.A. Collins Construction Company, Casella Waste, Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC)/Live Nation, and our satellite parking areas.