The South Glens Falls Central School District was recently awarded a $2,560,877 Mental Health Recover from COVID School Program (RECOVS) Grant from the New York State Department of Education. 

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on Wednesday that South Glens Falls was among the 40 school districts and BOCES that received grant funds. These funds are intended to enhance and reinforce practices that foster mental health and wellness, bolster the ability of both staff and students to recognize mental health issues, encourage seeking help, and advance student diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“This grant will empower both our staff and students to recognize and address mental health issues and foster a culture of seeking help,” Superintendent of Schools Kristine Orr said. “These funds will allow the South Glens Falls Central School District to continue its mission of providing our students with the best possible educational experience.”

Funds will be directed towards professional development for staff and wellness programs for SGF students. Across the district, funds will be allocated to support our multi-tiered systems of support that integrate data and instruction to maximize student achievement and support students’ social, emotional, and behavior needs. These initiatives align seamlessly with SGF’s ongoing commitment to bolster mental health and wellness programs in conjunction with our educational objectives.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Tim Dawkins said, “Our foremost objective is to enhance the student learning experience and outcomes using these funds. We are so pleased that the state shares confidence in our vision.”

State Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa said, “The RECOVS grant funding underscores our commitment to fostering equitable access to education opportunities and mental health services for all students. By addressing lost instructional time and prioritizing student well-being, we aim to create an inclusive educational environment that empowers every learner to thrive in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.”