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A focus on wellness at SGF

October 8, 2021
<img alt="to students, one waving, play cards" />

The E-Sports class was one of the most popular.

SOUTH GLENS FALLS – Students at South Glens Falls Central School District got an opportunity to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional health on Friday.
The 2021 Wellness Day was held for students, allowing them to learn new skills to deal with stress in their lives.

<img alt="two students show off pumpkin crafts they made" />

Fall crafting was a sought-after course.

At South High, students got a chance to choose from several special classes including art, journaling, e-sports, and kickball.
Other schools offered dance parties, crafts, and games for their students.

<img alt="three students put together an item" />three students put together an item

Putting together “The Beast” gave pupils a chance to work on their communication skills.

To end the day, students got a chance to listen in to a conversation between physical education teacher Jason Spector and 2020 SGF Graduate Christian Arehart.
Arehart, who is currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, spoke about challenges he has faced in his life, from personal matters to work through any bumps in the educational road.
Arehart told Spector about how he got involved with BMX riding. A large tree had fallen in his path, and no one could help him move it. Since he couldn’t go through it, he found a way to go over it.
“My four-wheeler couldn’t go over it, so I went to the garage and got my old bike. I built a ramp out of leaves and grass, and I got over that tree,” Arehart said.
Arehart challenged both students and staff to find ways to bring joy to their lives and use their passions to get through hard times.
“What is the tree in your life? What is something you can use to get over that tree,” Arehart said. “You can’t let it stop you.”


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Classic kickball offered a chance to get out and enjoy the warmer than average weather.


<img alt="student paints on paper" />

Art was a great outlet for some students at Wellness Day.


<img alt="three students sit in a semi-circle" />

Meditation also proved a popular option for students looking to get more zen.

<img alt="two teachers assist a student picking out stickers" />

Journaling offered students a lot of fun choices.


 <img alt="instructor assist a student making a picnic table" />

Some decided to help build a new picnic table.

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