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Voters to decide on $64.3 million budget proposal

May 12, 2021

Budget would maintain programming; limit tax impact on residents

Your Vote CountsSouth Glens Falls Central School District residents will vote Tuesday, May 18, on a proposed $64,311,177 spending plan for the 2021-22  school year. The proposed plan calls for a $4,343,775 increase in spending over the current year’s budget.

If approved, the budget would increase the tax levy by 1.74%, which is below the district’s state-imposed tax levy limit of 2.31%. While final assessment figures are not available until August, it is projected that homeowners with an assessment of $100,000 will see their annual taxes increase by approximately $17, depending on the town where they live.

Voters will also elect three members to the board of education and vote on a bus proposition.

Budget increase reflects capital project expenses

Part of the overall budget increase is a result of the capital project that voters approved in Dec. 2015.

Approximately half of the increase in the proposed budget, or $2,031,968, is due to capital project debt. Although the district will spend more money to pay for the capital project, the cost is offset by building aid, and therefore not an increase in taxes.

The district’s employee benefit and retirement costs also increased. These costs are fixed by contractual obligations and state requirements.

“We have worked to maintain programs and offerings for students while being mindful of the impact on taxpayers,” said Superintendent
of Schools Kristine Orr. “We believe the budget additions will enhance the educational experience for both students and staff.”

District to receive increase in foundation aid, additional federal aid

For the 2021-22 school year, SGF is expecting a $584,910 increase (3.28%) in foundation aid compared to the current budget.

The district is also anticipating $6,132,906 in one-time federal aid through various federal stimulus packages. This aid is intended to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students and staff. The district is required to post a plan on its website by July 1, 2021, that outlines how it will use this money.

Proposed staffing changes

The proposed budget would:

  • Add 1.0 full-time equivalency (FTE) human resource director to support districtwide staff and initiatives.
  • Reduce 2.0 FTE elementary teaching positions through attrition, due to low enrollment.
  • Reduce 1.0 FTE special education teacher.

Budget will support district’s areas of focus

This year, the South Glens Falls CSD has been focusing on three priorities: safety, mental health and future-ready learning.

The proposed 2021-22 school budget would support each of these areas and the work being done to improve school culture
and student outcomes.


  • Maintain current contract with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department for a 1.0 FTE school resource officer to be shared
    among the district’s six schools.
  • New lease of snowplow equipment and ceasing of contract with snow removal company. Under this model, South Glens Falls CSD employees would be performing the snow removal and maintenance of sidewalks and parking lots, which will save money over time, and ensure the job is done well.
  • Reconfiguration of Moreau Elementary School parking lot entrance and exit as part of the ongoing capital project.

Mental Health

  • Maintain 0.5 FTE physical education teacher to serve as elementary mental health/wellness coach.
  • Maintain 2.0 FTE Saratoga Center for the Family counselor.

Future-Ready Learning

  • Maintain elementary STEM program at each elementary school for the second year.

Bus Purchase Proposition

Voters will decide on the purchase of two 66-passenger school buses, two 72-passenger school buses, one 35-passenger school bus and one four-wheel drive work truck at a maximum cost of $601,608.

The district will be reimbursed by the state for approximately 72.6 percent of the bus purchase cost.

The proposition is part of the district’s annual bus replacement plan, which replaces the oldest buses each year in order to maintain a safe and operational fleet, and controls the maintenance costs that come with keeping older buses on the road. South Glens Falls buses transport approximately 3,000 students on 76 morning runs and 63 afternoon runs. The school district buses travel more than 4,000 miles per day. South Glens Falls Central School District covers 65 square miles.

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