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Two SGF Spectators Permitted at On-Campus Sporting Events; Spectators at Away Games Limited by Opposing Team’s Policies

March 23, 2021

SGF Bulldogs LogoThe South Glens Falls CSD would like to clarify spectator rules for Fall II athletics, which is being held from now through May 1, 2021.

  • In South Glens Falls, only home spectators are permitted at home events. This decision was made to limit gathering sizes, follow six-feet social distancing guidelines and to comply with the two spectators per athlete limit mandated by the New York State Department of Health.
  • Despite that most Fall II venues are outdoors, the district must still follow the guidance set by the state.
    Our spectators must abide by the visitor policies at other schools. South Glens Falls CSD has no control over the policies that other districts set.
  • Many districts, including South Glens Falls, are simply unable to accommodate everyone with the NYS social distancing requirements. Some schools are unique in that they have more outdoor space for visitors.

Overall, the district would like parents to understand that we recognize that families want to see their children play. We will continue to approach reopening in tiers and achieving benchmarks, reevaluate current policies as new guidance is released, and continue to focus on our ultimate goal which is to provide student-athletes the opportunity to have a full, successful athletic season.

Fall II Spectator Chart

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