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Tanglewood tepee a hit

September 23, 2016

Tanglewood tepeeTanglewood Elementary School has a new learning environment for students—one that’s outside the box!

The school is now the owner of its very own tepee, which has been providing a unique learning space to students so far this fall.

“It’s a game changer,” said Tanglewood Elementary School Principal Matt Conrick. “It’s just perfect.”

Students in the Tanglewood tepeeSo far this year the tepee has provided a place for students to read, to read to each other, to listen to stories and to just be present in a different learning environment that Conrick says makes kids excited about school.

The poles that hold the tepee together were shipped to the school from Montana, and the canvas came separately with detailed instructions on how to construct it. A few staff members spent an entire weekend building the tepee.

Conrick is hoping the tepee will be a place for year-round learning, and the school is planning to hold a dedication ceremony for the new space sometime this fall.

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