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Tangles visits Mrs. Schiavoni’s classroom

April 14, 2014

IMG_1418Tangles spent two weeks with Mrs. Schiavoni’s class at Tanglewood School. He quickly adapted to the routines of the class. Tangles participated in a number of activities during his stay. Tangles actively participated in phys. ed., art, music and library. He enjoyed lunch every day as well.

His favorite activity, however, was “Stand Up Comedian Day” on Friday, April 4. Students shared rehearsed and preformed jokes and riddles to the class. This certainly hit Tangles’ funny bone.

Sitting through the New York State Tests in ELA was a drag for Tangles. Watching his new friends work so hard to do their best warmed his heart, but it was difficult to sit so quietly for so long. Tangle was sorry to miss the upcoming “Frozen Friday” celebration on Friday, April 11, but it was time for him to move on.

Mrs. Schiavoni’s class loved their time with Tangles.

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