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Survival skills and peg loom weaving at South Glens Falls HS

April 12, 2019

Students working on peg loom.When South Glens Falls High School students in Colleen Hagadorn’s survival skills course learned about different types of weaving, they focused on natural materials you’d use outdoors.

But two students in the class, juniors Noah Hogan and Devin Hartwell, were so interested in the process, and the relaxing, meditative aspects of weaving, that they decided to construct a large-scale peg loom and bring the weaving skills that they learned to life on a larger scale.

“The idea to build the loom and create a blanket was completely student driven,” Hagadorn explained. “It has been very fulfilling for me, as a teacher, to watch my students take something they have learned in class and turn it into something that is designed to help people in the building, and also to help people in the community.”

The eight-foot long loom, which Noah and his father graciously built one weekend, is now in the library, and is being used to create a large blanket. Noah and Devin said they’re looking to either donate the blanket to a homeless shelter or put it in the South High Marathon Dance auction next year–both options that will help give back to the community.

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