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Student creates video to celebrate International Women’s Day and women in SGF

March 8, 2021

Students working to edit the video.Hazel Crossman, a self-proclaimed feminist has been celebrating International Women’s Day for years with important women in her life. This year, the SGFHS tenth-grade student decided to take her celebration a step further.

Crossman took the opportunity to interview women in the South Glens Falls CSD to learn about their hopes, dreams and thoughts. She said she has looked up to many of her female teachers throughout her time as a student here and wanted to tell some of their stories.

With the help of her friend and classmate Tessa Hogan and Director of Technology Integration & Information Jerilyn Stellato, Crossman organized countless interviews, recorded them and edited a video that shows insights and an inspiring look at females in the district.

“It was a tough decision to decide who to put in the video because there are so many awesome females,” Crossman said. She considered teachers she has had and recommendations from others about who might be good to interview. “It was so nice to hear different people’s perspectives. Even though we might be different in our ways we’re all connected.”

Creating the video took Crossman a solid two weeks of work around classes and regular commitments. She had to arrange rides to get to the elementary schools to interview younger students and work out when she could meet with people around their schedules.

“I feel very empowered and I think it was important for me and to share with the district and community what everyone had to say,” Crossman said. Crossman said she completed her project with the belief that South Glens Falls has “an atmosphere where women can grow” to reach their full potential.

“I am proud of the work Hazel did on behalf of women in South Glens Falls,” said Superintendent of Schools Kristine Orr. “It was fun and inspiring to hear their stories!”

Crossman’s final thoughts: “The promise of your future is what you create for yourself and others… don’t worry about your gender in those regards. This is a space where you can thrive.”

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