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Continuum of Services

Related Services

Related services may be provided as the only service a student receives or in conjunction with special education services. Related services include:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy (OT)
  • Physical Therapy (PT)
  • Assistive Technology (AT)
  • Counseling
  • Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI)
  • Orientation & Mobility (O & M)

Consultant Teacher Services

Direct Consultant Teacher services are specially designed individualized or group instruction provided by a special education teacher to support a student with a disability in the regular education program.

Indirect Consultant Teacher services consist of consultation provided by a special education teacher to regular education teachers to assist them in modifying instructional materials or methods to meet the needs of a disabled student enrolled in their classes.

Resource Program (Resource Room)

Resource is supportive instruction provided directly to the disabled student for the purpose of supplementing the regular or special class programs. Resource programs are a minimum of three hours per week. Consultant teacher services may be combined with Resource services to meet the three hour time requirement. Resource services can be provided either in or out of the general classroom setting.

Special Class Programs

Special class programs are provided for students who need primary instruction from a special education teacher for a significant portion of their day. Students in special classes are grouped together for similar needs. These needs could be academic or behavioral. Class size ratios vary depending on the needs of the students. Common special class ratios include: (15:1 / 12:1:1 / 12:1:4 / 8:1:1 / 6:1:1 / 4:1:2 ) – The first number represents total number of students – middle number represents number of special education teachers – final number indicates number of Paraprofessionals (Teacher Assistant or Teacher Aide).

Integrated Co-Teaching

Integrated co-teaching services means the provision of specially designed instruction and academic instruction which is provided to a group of both disabled and non-disabled students in a general education classroom by both a general education and special education teacher. A specific subject area may be co-taught or a class program may be co-taught for longer periods of the school day.

BOCES Services

Our WSWHE BOCES offers special class programs at their Southern Adirondack (Hudson Falls) and Myers Center (Saratoga Springs) locations. If the CSE determines that our District does not offer an appropriate program for a student we may refer them for placement in a BOCES operated program. The student is still a district student and can participate in any District activities (including sports if appropriate) at their home school provided they are in good standing per the District Code of Conduct and athletic policies.

Special Day School

Similar to the full-time special class, this program is in a special school serving only disabled students with intensive needs. This is a more restrictive environment and might be considered by the CSE if a BOCES program is not appropriate. (Prospect Center is an example of a Special Day School.)

Homebound Instruction

Individualized instruction provided for students with significant medical needs that cannot attend an educational program outside of the home.

Individualized instruction may also be provided on a short-term basis for a student who is pending a more restrictive/specialized placement.

Extended School Year – (ESY)

Students with Disabilities who have demonstrated substantial regression in skills after vacation periods may be eligible for extended school year services. These are provided for 6 weeks during the summer. The South Glens Falls School District operates their own ESY program and also may send students to BOCES or Special Day School ESY programs as appropriate.

Continuum of Services

(Programs and services are subject to change based on enrollment.)

Elementary (K-5)  Oliver W. Winch MS (6-8) SGF High School (9-12) – up to age 21
Related Services Related Services Related Services
Consultant Teacher Consultant Teacher Consultant Teacher
Resource Room Resource Room Resource Room
Integrated Co-Teaching (ELA/Math)
*Grades 3-4-5 at Ballard
*Grades 4-5 at Moreau
 Integrated Co-Teaching (ELA/Math) Integrated Co-Teaching (Specific courses only)
Special Classes
*15:1 grades 2/3 and 4/5 at Tanglewood
*12-1-1 Grade K at Harrison
*12-1-1 Grades 1/2 at Harrison
*12-1-1 Grades 3/4/5 (SACC – non-diploma bound program) at Harrison
*6-1-1 Grades K/1/2 at Moreau
*6-1-1 Grades 3/4/5 at Moreau
Special Classes
*15:1 grade-level programs
*12-1-1 Life Skills (SACC – non-diploma bound program)
Special Classes
*15:1 Specific credit-bearing courses (Both regents and non-regents courses)
*12-1-1 Life Skills (SACC – non-diploma bound program)