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South Glens Falls residents to vote on $57.8 million capital project referendum

November 23, 2015

South Glens Falls Central School District residents will vote Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015, on a $57.8 million capital project referendum that is intended to advance and improve instructional programming; improve health, safety, handicapped-accessibility compliance and security measures; achieve energy efficiencies and other cost-saving measures; and protect the community’s long-term investment in its school facilities.

The district has been planning the project’s scope over the past two years, with guidance from a 35-member community advisory group, and outside experts who helped determine the improvements that would most benefit the future of the school district.

The project includes several modern updates for students–an eight-classroom science addition at the high school, as well as six classrooms at Ballard Elementary School to accommodate the growing student population. Also included in the project are expanded library media centers at Ballard and Tanglewood and upgrades to the high school auditorium. The plans will also address building maintenance needs such as roofing, windows, doors and flooring across all six school buildings.

“This project represents careful study and evaluation of our district’s facilities,” said Superintendent of Schools Michael Patton. “We believe the plan to improve our facilities is going to make our buildings and sites safer and efficient, and create an improved learning environment for student success.”

South Glens Falls will be reimbursed for 71 percent of the project cost through state building aid, and the district is also planning to use $1.1 million of its capital reserve funds toward the project. The district would finance the remaining $15.7 million for a 30-year period. If the proposition is approved by voters, the estimated annual cost for homeowner who has a home valued at $100,000 is $16 per year for the life of the loan, or $0.16 per $1,000 of assessed value.

The project includes the following items:

Ballard Elementary School ($8.1 million)

  • Construct six-classroom addition to accommodate growing student population
  • Expand library media center
  • Expand cafeteria capacity for student/community use
  • Renovate music/art classrooms to improve student learning environment

Harrison Elementary School ($4.2 million)

  • Renovate gymnasium to improve physical education programs and support community use
  • Relocate and improve outdoor play area
  • Upgrade cafeteria sound system and add lighting for enhanced fine arts performances
  • Replace select roofing, windows, doors and flooring

Moreau Elementary School ($4.2 million)

  • Renovate classrooms to improve support service programs (AIS, Resource Room, Speech)
  • Upgrade cafeteria sound system and add lighting for enhanced fine arts performances
  • Upgrade building entrance exterior to improve drainage
  • Replace select roofing, windows, doors and flooring

Tanglewood Elementary School ($5.4 million)

  • Expand library media center
  • Construct a two-room addition for special education classrooms
  • Renovate music/art classrooms to improve student learning environment
  • Create therapy suite to provide specialized spaces for learning support

Oliver W. Winch Middle School ($4.5 million)

  • Replace select windows
  • Build handicap accessibility for gym lobby
  • Replace select student lockers
  • Upgrade site lighting to enhance security

South Glens Falls High School ($18.5 million)

  • Construct eight-classroom science addition and renovate two additional science classrooms to modernize science learning experience and provide more opportunities for students
  • Upgrade auditorium lighting and sound systems, add air conditioning, and renovate orchestra room
  • Renovate classrooms to provide better program experiences for students
  • Upgrade athletic facilities by expanding fields, adding two new tennis courts and a basketball court and resurfacing the existing track

District-wide Improvements

  • Improve building site safety: separate bus and parent drop-off areas, improve exterior walkways and lighting, increase parking capacity
  • Ensure there are secure vestibules at each school building
  • Upgrade kitchen equipment across district kitchens
  • Relocate administrative center to existing space within high school
  • Upgrade energy management systems to improve efficiencies
  • Replace select roofing, windows, doors and flooring
  • Update technology infrastructure and equipment to improve instructional program

Transportation/Operations & Maintenance Improvements ($12.9 million)

  • Construct a DOT compliant facility for transportation
  • Consolidate services for transportation and maintenance departments to improve efficiencies
  • Address health and safety of  work environment for district personnel
  • Provide adequate space for daily operations of the transportation and operations and maintenance departments

The district will hold a Capital Project Community Information Session on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 6:30 p.m. in the South Glens Falls High School LGI.

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