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The Turnabout Program helps high school kids and parents!

School avoidance or refusal to attend school is not an uncommon problem.

At this age children leave the nurturing environment of elementary school and the comfort of what is familiar. They move on to the middle school level where they are faced with new challenges and learning how to manage multiple teachers and priorities. Compound this with hormonal upheaval, and many children suffer crises of self-confidence and self-image. This can be exacerbated by the fact that they go from being the oldest and most experienced students in the school to being the youngest and most inexperienced.

Studies have shown that failing to deal with school avoidance or refusal behavior can have serious consequences. In the short term, children who miss school frequently decline academically, become alienated from friends and can cause conflicts within the home. Common long-term problems can include failure to finish high school, economic deprivation, and difficulty holding a job.

The Turnabout Program was developed to identify and provide early intervention services for students with excessive absenteeism. The program is provided through a contract with Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth with the South Glens Falls School District.

The Turnabout counselor provides support and guidance in the school environment as well as through home visits with the family. Turnabout utilizes one-on-one mentoring, family meetings, academic assistance, daily attendance monitoring, and incentive based teaching as a means to help students improve their attendance.

If your child seems to be struggling with the adjustment to being back at school, your child’s guidance counselor can discuss with you how your participation in the Turnabout Program might be beneficial to your family.