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Staff Directory

Peter A. Mody III, Principal
42 Merritt Road
South Glens Falls, New York 12803
Phone: 518-792-9987

Derick Gilmour, Assistant Principal

Marianne Seelye, Assistant Principal

Matthew Griep, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

Janelle Sipwicz, Director of Counseling/Social-Emotional Learning

Tracy Paris, Attendance Clerk

Susan Dobert, Principal’s Secretary

Dorothy Blake, Assistant Principal’s Secretary

Faculty and Staff

Sarah Anderson, English Teacher

Sandra Babson, Distance Learning Aide

Marcy Ballard, Science Teacher

Randi Bennett, Special Education Teacher

Travis Birkholz, Mathematics Teacher

Victoria Bossonis, Special Education Teacher

Anthony Buttino, Special Education Teacher

Christopher Canastar, Social Studies Teacher

Alexander Chaucer, Science Teacher

Michael Davies, Library Media Specialist Teacher

Kimberly DeGregory, Mathematics Teacher

Dawn DeLisle, Health and Physical Education Teacher

Lisa DeLisle, Special Education Teacher

Teri-Ann DelSignore, Physical Education/Health Teacher

Charles Dickens, English Teacher

Amy Dickerson, Special Education Teacher

James Dickinson, Special Education Teacher

Stephanie Erwin, Guidance Counselor

Shannon Fagle-Fedele, English Teacher

Laurie Fish, Special Education Teacher

Mark Frederick, Music Teacher

Cathy Gordon, Science Teacher

Faith Gram-Holz, Special Education Teacher

Martin Gregoire, Technology Teacher

Laurie Gutheil, Social Studies Teacher

Colleen Hagadorn, Science Teacher

Tiffany Haig, Special Education Teacher

Lynne Hale, LOTE Teacher

Thomas E. Hansen, Social Studies Teacher

Kerry Harrison, Art Teacher

Patrick Hayes, Social Studies Teacher

Bill Herrmann, Mathematics Teacher

Lora Higgins, Health Teacher

Caitlin Hogan, English Teacher

Melissa Inglee, Mathematics Teacher

Rachel Kopels, Mathematics Teacher

Kristian Keller, Mathematics Teacher

Kerri A. Ketcham, English Teacher

Sharon Leavens, English Teacher

Rachel Leombruno, Spanish Teacher

Stacy Lloyd, Guidance Counselor

Tammy E. Moss-Hicks, Science Teacher

Mary Mann, Science Teacher

William Mars, Science Teacher

Heather McCann, Special Education Teacher

Jodie McGough, Guidance Counselor

Kathleen McGowan, Art Teacher

Shannon McNeill, Athletic Secretary

Christopher Miles, Special Education Teacher

Erin Milligan, School Psychologist

Michael Music, Physical Education Teacher

Stefanie Music, Language Other Than English (LOTE) Teacher

Thomas M. Myott, Art Teacher

Tera M. Nadi, Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Teacher

Jennifer Navard-Blanco, Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Teacher

Amy Noonan, Art Teacher

Kyle Noonan, Science Teacher

Catherine Painter, ENL Teacher

Julie Pike, Special Education Teacher

Daniella Pedone, Social Studies Teacher

Ali Perry, Social Worker

Jamie Rajter, Mathematics Teacher

Shelly Ramsey, Computer Lab Aide

Peter Randazzo, Social Studies Teacher

Fiona Recchia, Science Teacher

Michael Reeves, Science Teacher

Shannon Schechter, Math Teacher

Kathleen Schnackenberg, Guidance Counselor

Andrew Shea, English Teacher

Heather Sheeley, Social Studies Teacher

Jody Sheldon, Mathematics Teacher

Martha Smith, English Teacher

Jason Spector

Elizabeth Stambach-Fuller, Music Teacher

Avi Stark, Social Studies Teacher

Heather Stoutenger, Music Teacher

Paul Stoutenger, Technology Teacher

Robin Thayer, R.N., Nurse

Jaime Thompson, Mathematics Teacher

Bristie Tracy, R.N., School Nurse/District Nurse

John F. VanWie, Mathematics Teacher

Lisa Woititz, Reconnecting Youth Instructor

Keri Lyn Walsh, English Teacher

James Woodard, Business Teacher

Michael Yeager, Technology Teacher

Sarah Young, Social Studies Teacher