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South Glens Falls CSD receives EVERFI Champion Seal Designation for commitment to whole-child education

October 28, 2020

EVERFI sealThe South Glens Falls CSD has earned the EVERFI Champion Seal, awarded annually to North American school districts who’ve made an exemplary commitment to whole-child education.

This honor is provided by EVERFI, a digital education organization focused on helping educators address the most challenging issues affecting society, including financial literacy, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, inclusion and college and career readiness.

The EVERFI Champion Seal is a designation awarded to K-12 school districts and individual schools that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to whole-child education through the use of the company’s online programs. More than 50% of students in South Glens Falls use EVERFI, which is a completely grant-funded program, and is provided to the district at no cost.

“EVERFI has made it possible for us to offer new and innovative courses for students online,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Tim Dawkins. “As a district we’re committed to providing students opportunities to learn skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.”

Several SGF teachers use the online courses for students to address these topics, including Oliver W. Winch Middle School Home & Career Skills Teacher Ashley Tarello.

“I have used EVERFI’s ‘Healthier Me’ and ‘Financial Literacy’ modules in the past and plan to again this year in Home and Career Skills,” Tarello said. “I feel that this platform helps to enhance the learning that is done in school. It gives students the opportunity to continue to practice their skills (decision making, money management, etc.) in a game setting which keeps them engaged in real life scenarios which can sometimes be a challenge to reproduce in a classroom/at home setting.”

Matthew Cenci, a sixth-grade health teacher at OWWMS says his students are currently working on social-emotional learning and health and wellness lessons in EVERFI and says it gives students a differentiated way of learning and the fact that they can go at their own pace.

“One of the biggest benefits EVERFI provides is meaningful lessons that align with the middle school health education curriculum,” he said. “In a hybrid setting, when each hybrid group is home, students can go through self-paced lessons that coincide with in-class learning.”

To complement financial/entrepreneurship topics in Karen Cornell’s seventh-grade Home & Career Skills class, she uses the “Future Smart” lessons in EVERFI, which incorporates values, wants, needs, expenses, budgets and tips to be successful now and in the future.

“It is a great tool for in-class or virtual learning,” she said. “The students can work at their own pace, and the animation and music keeps them engaged.”

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