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2018 South High Marathon Dance raises unprecedented $831,191.15!

March 3, 2018

The 41st annual South High Marathon Dance raised an unprecedented $831,191.15, which was announced during the closing ceremony on March 3, 2018. The 2018 total surpasses the $823,614.91 that the students and community raised last year, and pushes the total amount raised to more than $7.2 million total over the 41-year history of the dance. More than 450 recipients have been helped by the South High Marathon Dance during its existence.

The total for this year’s dance follows months of work, fundraising, and of course, a 24-hour dance marathon in the gym at South High. The money will benefit 42 recipients—both individuals and organizations from South Glens Falls and neighboring areas.

People may think this is about raising money,” said South Glens Falls High School Principal Pete Mody. “You’re not raising money, you’re raising hope. Hope does things that money never can.”

“I am proud to be associated with a community that puts that much energy behind helping people and taking care of each other,” Mody added. “I did very much want to believe that SHMD was the unbelievable pinnacle of what a small group of truly dedicated people can really do to bring hope to the world. I was not disappointed.

This is Mody’s first year as principal at South Glens Falls High School, and his first South High Marathon Dance.

This year sophomore Jason Viger was the top student fundraiser, raising $13,106, among many other students who raised thousands of dollars. The other top student fund-raisers include: 2. Hunter Clark; 3. Kristen Langdon; 4. Madison Capozucca; 5. Brianna Loffler; 6. Frankie Mangona; 7. Brandon Amorosi; 8. Ashley Chadwick; 9. Kassondra Cook; 10. Aydan Cook. The top 10 dancers together raised $81,325.73. In addition to the students, scores of local businesses held fundraisers for the community, which added thousands to the total amount raised. The elementary schools and the middle school students and families raised more than $71,000 for SHMD.

“You have made a significant different in people’s lives,” said Interim Superintendent of Schools Jon Hunter, Ed.D. “Maybe the biggest difference is what you have done… over this course of the marathon. You’ve given care, you’ve compassion, you’ve given of yourselves more than you’ve given to yourselves. You’ve given something special to this community.”

“Marathon is special because 700 students merge with an entire community to put care, compassion and service to others above all else,” Dr. Hunter added.

This year’s recipients include:

The families of…

Kimberly Bartlett
Lexi Beecher
Aurora Bombard
Joseph (Joey) Brown
Carmella Childs
James Doriski
Ingrid Engelhard
Jason Fuller
Cora Gargano
Steve Gillingham
JP Honsinger
Austin Lane
Brock Lescault
James Manning
Keyon Marshall
Fawn McCall
Dan McCane
Austin Naylor
Thomas O’Sullivan
Brandy Palmer
Heather Palmer
Jennifer Park
Elizabeth (Carol) Porter
Adam Powers
Lorraine Powers
Rhyan Towne
Brian Washburn
Bryan Watkins
Tabitha Wren
Ashley Young

Community Organizations

Alzheimer’s Assn. of NE NY
Angel Names Association
Ben Osborn Memorial Fund
Bridging People and Places
CAPTAIN Youth and Family Svc.
Family Service Assn. of Glens Falls
Glens Falls Area Youth Center
Moreau Community Center
Nick’s Fight to be Heald Foundation
Rebuilding Together Saratoga County
Spina Bifida Assn. of NE NY
Woofs for Warriors

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