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Share your thoughts about SHMD!

January 25, 2021

The South High Marathon Dance organizers are looking to gather feedback from the community about the dance through the online platform Thoughtexchange.

Below are directions to several ways that you can participate in this confidential, anonymous exchange. You will be asked to answer one open-ended question. Then, you will have the opportunity to consider and assign stars to the ideas shared by others.

Please note: Thoughtexchange will keep your thoughts and stars confidential so SHMD and the school district will not know who shares specific opinions.

All of your voices matter, so we look forward to hearing from you as we make plans for this year’s SHMD.

Here are three ways to participate in this exchange:

  • Participate in this exchange by using the following link:
  • Participate in this exchange by navigating to and entering the following 9-digit code: 588-021-716
  • Participate in this exchange by texting the 9-digit code 588-021-716 to the phone number 728-55 to get a link to participate in this exchange

The Thoughtexchange will remain active through Friday, February 5. We encourage you to share this message with others, including current students, alumni, staff and volunteers, and other community members.  

Thank you for your participation, and check back often to rate other thoughts!

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