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SGF middle school teachers bedazzle school bathrooms for students

August 25, 2017

OWWMS teachers bedazzle a seventh-grade bathroom. Inspired by a group of educators in Alabama, a group of Oliver W. Winch Middle School teachers were in the building this week to give an inspirational makeover to some of the school bathrooms.

The idea began when OWWMS seventh-grade English teacher Victoria Leroux saw the Alabama teachers’ work on social media and was instantly inspired to do something in her own school.

Leroux got permission from OWWMS Principal Tim Dawkins, and even received a donation of paints, brushes and supplies from Sherman Williams on Upper Glen Street in Glens Falls to help them beautify these common areas.

“The students who visit the bathroom will get a daily reminder that there are opportunities that they can overcome,” Leroux said. “It’s meant to be inspirational and cultivate an environment that’s positive.”

On Friday, during school vacation, nine staff members were gathered in a seventh-grade bathroom stenciling and painting messages that included, “Make Your Dreams Happen,” “Believe in Yourself A Little More,” and “I Believed I Could So I Did!” among others.

OWWMS teachers bedazzle a seventh-grade bathroom.Leroux says that other teachers at OWWMS have gotten word of it, and planning similar inspiring restrooms through the middle school.

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