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SGF chosen as a Champion School District

December 21, 2021

SOUTH GLENS FALLS — South Glens Falls Central School District has again been chosen as a champion school district by Everfi.
Everfi is a free resource for schools, such as pre-developed lesson plans and digital courses for students.
Kassandra Winne, Implementation Lead at Everfi, said the program is aimed at whole child learning, helping not only students’ educational needs but also their physical and mental health.
“They are getting a chance to learn about things that interest them,” she said. “There are courses to not only help students with traditional learning but also to learn more about becoming their own person.”
There has been a social-emotional learning day and career talk featuring talks by members of the New York Giants, including cornerback Darnay Holmes.
“We talked about what students could be doing now to set themselves up for success and how to make sure they have a peer or mentor to go to, especially when it comes to bullying and social media,” Winne said. “Students were able to ask questions to Darnay and learn a little more about what his life was like as a New York Giants player.”
There have been workouts with the New York Rangers where students learned to calculate heart rates.
Students get access to any assignments or courses for the rest of their lives.
Winne gave the example of students getting to go back and look at a financial literacy course or a session on filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form that they can use later on.
There are also courses on topics such as interviewing for jobs, creating resumes, mental health and alcohol awareness.
“All of these are skills they need for the real world and understanding that decisions they make now can really affect their lives,” Winne said.
Everfi allows teachers to share lesson plans with teachers across New York State and track student data on progress.
As a part of being a champion school district, South Glens Falls staff have been invited to
“It’s a really nice way to highlight what teachers and guidance counselors are doing,” Winne said.

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