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SGF Bulldogs Win Foothills Tournament

February 10, 2016

On Monday, Feb. 1, the South High Bulldogs bowling team won the Foothills Tournament for the first time in at least nine years.

Ten local high school bowling teams competed at Kingpin’s Bowling Center in South Glens Falls for the Foothills Six
Game Tournament. The Bulldogs averaged 211 pins per game and 634 per 3-game series, with a total of 6,340 pins for the six games as a team.

In addition, sophomore Jarrid Tessier from SGFHS won an individual trophy for the highest three game series for the tournament with his 760 series: 194, 288 and 278.

The highlights include:
Team Captain Nick Fuller – High game 245 and high 3-game series 646
Jarrid Tessier – High game 288 and high 3-game series 760
Michael Boyce – High game 216 and high 3-game series 603
Jarrett Morris – High game 238
Kara Rapp – High game 223
Jack Comar – High game 265 and high 3- game series 652
Ryan Benosky – High game 235 and high 3- game series 617

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