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SGF alum shares message of respect with students, faculty at OWWMS

October 2, 2015

South Glens Falls alum Coach Rich Johns, founder of Act With Respect Always, presented to middle school students on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Johns, who asks the questions, “What’s your 99 percent?” challenges students to have character, treat everyone with respect, and not to judge others based on the 1 percent, or external appearance.

He suggested that students think about their character number, and how to boost that number every day—either in the classroom or on the athletic field.

“Be honest with yourself,” John said. “Be kind, and pay it forward. Try to have empathy for others.”

He talked about how one student’s actions can affect another in ways they might not realize, positively or negatively, especially because we may not know what someone else is going through.

Johns, a 2014 Bulldog Pride Hall of Fame inductee, travels around the country to bring his message of respect to students, sports teams and others. His website,, features comments, stories and messages of support from individuals he has met.

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