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Future-ready learning has been a theme for the South Glens Falls District for several years. We believe that in order for our students to lead productive and successful lives upon graduation, they must understand and know how to use digital technologies. Technology knowledge and skills are vital for full participation in 21st century life, work and citizenship. Sufficient access to computing devices and high-speed internet are essential for educational equity.

  • All students K-12 will be given their own device for their exclusive use in September.
    SGF will resurvey parents and guardians to determine the level of access to high speed internet to which students have access in their places of residence. When access to high speed internet is not available, the district will attempt to provide hotspots to any family that needs it. If that also does not work, we will provide multiple ways for students to participate in learning activities in remote or hybrid learning models.
  • Professional development for leaders and educators on designing effective remote/online learning experiences and best practices for instruction in remote/online settings are being offered.
  • A family toolkit with how-to videos, tutorials, and a remote learning help form will be shared with all families.
  • Student data privacy and security will be maintained and the district is in compliance with Federal and State laws related to student technology use, including NY Education Law 2-d and Part 121 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.