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Staffing Solutions

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Staffing Overview

As we continue to finalize our reopening plans, it will be critical for the district to think about certain areas that may require temporary staffing. These include but are not limited to part-time nurses, cleaners, transportation and substitute teachers.

  • The district will ensure that all individuals employed to teach in New York State public schools have a valid certificate.
  • If necessary, there may be times where a certified teacher may be instructing in areas not covered by their certifications. This time will not exceed 10 classroom hours a week during the 2020-21 school year.
  • In order to assure that all teachers are properly certified, all certified positions on the Online Application System for Educators (OLAS) for a month, or longer if needed. Other advertising and recruiting avenues may include: print ads through the Times Union or other local papers, social media posts or ad buys (Facebook); participation in job fairs; collaboration with local colleges and universities. In recent months we have been more aggressive in reaching out directly to candidates found in OLAS via email if they are properly certified in the subject area to encourage them to apply.
  • If we are unable to find a properly certified candidate, we then are searching qualified candidates in the content area (i.e., Math 7-12, if the vacancy is for a Special Education Teacher that teaches Math content area). Once a candidate is selected and hired as a substitute, the candidate has a meeting with an HR representative to review the certification process. This meeting outlines the specific requirements for obtaining the certificate (i.e., exams, workshops and coursework). The district’s HR department will then monitor the certification progress throughout the school year. There is follow-up with new hires as needed to keep them on track for completing the certification requirements in a timely manner.

Medically Vulnerable/High-Risk Groups

Guidance from NYSED and the NYS Department of Health states that there are several groups that are at increased risk for complications from COVID-19 and may need added or alternative provisions. In the Teaching & Learning section of this guide, student guidance on this topic is discussed.

  • If a staff member believes they belong to one of these groups, or live with someone who is high risk, and it may affect their ability to safely return to in-person work, they should contact the superintendent to discuss all options.
  • While it is important to recognize that the district’s top priority is to have all staff and students teaching and learning in-person, the district also realizes that an in-person model may not be possible for some medically vulnerable or high-risk individuals.


South Glens Falls has a new, approved APPR plan as of 2019-20. We will work with our teachers to ensure that students are being taught as effectively as is practical to expect. We will fully implement our APPR plan.

Professional Learning

Continuous professional development opportunities will be available throughout the summer and fall in virtual, hybrid and self-paced formats. The district Technology Integration Specialist and technology teacher leaders in the district will lead sessions. Professional learning will focus on technology tools, designing effective remote learning experiences and best practices with virtual learning.