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Food Service

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A successful nutrition program is a key component to a successful educational environment. Children cannot focus on learning when they are hungry. School meals boost learning, and studies show that students perform best academically when they are well nourished. As SGF transitioned from in-person to remote learning, the district put in place a pick-up and delivery service for all families who were in need.

In-Person Meal Service

  • All students will have access to school meals each school day that they are in attendance. Any student that receives free or reduced-price meals will have access to meals daily.
  • All health and safety guidelines will be followed by our food service personnel.
  • The district keeps clear records on any student with a food allergy. We will protect any student with a food allergy no matter where food is being served.
  • It is important that we promote hand hygiene directly before and after meals. Students at the K-5 level will wash their hands in the classroom before and after snacks and meals. At the 6-12 level, teachers will encourage students to appropriately wash their hands. Hand sanitizer stations will also be in all areas where food is served. Aides will be there to suggest that students use sanitizer before entering.
  • No-touch payment systems will be installed in each school and no-touch barriers will be installed in cafeteria lines.
  • Cafeteria workers will be given masks, shields, extra gloves and disposable aprons, which are to be worn at all times.
  • If served in the same common areas, lunch times will be staggered to ensure that all tables and chairs that require cleaning and disinfection are done prior to the next group of students arriving for meals. At the 6-12 grade level, lunches are staggered within the third block to ensure that there is time in between classes. At the K-5 level, limited amounts of students will be in common areas to start the school year.
  • Food service will consist of a “grab and go” model to ensure that all students are able to receive an individual, pre-packaged meal prepared in advance by kitchen staff.
  • The food service manager will comply with all Child Nutrition Program Requirements.
  • All food service information will be shared with families regularly though the district calendar, website, emails, phone calls and newsletters and in families’ spoken languages.

Offsite Meal Service

  • Curbside pick up will be utilized for students that would like meals but are participating in remote learning.
  • Multiple days of breakfast and lunch may be picked up at the same time.
  • Contact the district’s food service office for more information at 518-824-2225 or