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Before & After School Childcare

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South Glens Falls has a long standing partnership with Moreau Community Center to provide our students with before and after school care. We will continue this partnership for the 2020-21 school year.

  • Any day that students have in-person instruction, before and after school childcare will be offered in each elementary school.
  • Staff will be required to follow all health and safety protocols that are in place during the school day. A copy of the center’s safety plan for dealing with COVID-19 will be shared with the district and will follow school policy and procedures.
  • Because these programs are in our schools, all daycare staff will be required to conduct a self screen prior to coming in through Pinpoint. 
  • Students will be placed in the same cohort each morning and afternoon. Students of the same family should stay together in these cohorts. 
  • Social distancing and the use of PPE will be required as outlined in the full plan.
  • Each school will consider their areas of operation a priority for cleaning and disinfecting nightly. 
  • Because of the working relationship of the school and the community center, the community center will notify the school district immediately if a staff member contracts COVID-19. The contract tracing process will immediately begin by our district nurse and we will work with the Department of Health on communicating with any family that may have been in contact.  
  • A written plan for the before and aftercare programs will be disseminated to each family upon signing up for the program.