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Online Preregistration Instructions

  1. Click on the dropdown menu to select the number of children being registered.
  2. A form similar to the one below will come up with child information boxes corresponding to the number you selected in Step 1.
  3. Click in the “First Name” field and enter your child’s first name. Either click in the next field, or press the tab key on the keyboard, to continue filling out the various fields in the “Child 1” box.
    Note: You must fill in all the items with an * following them. Click the check box if applicable. Date of birth must be put in using the format mm/dd/yyyy (example: 3/7/1997)
    Screenshot of a fillable form with the following fields: First Name; Middle Name; Last Name; Child's email address; Child's cell phone #, Gender, Date of birth, is Hispanic (check box), Race, Race 2, Race 3, Race 4, Race 5, Primary language. Text at the bottom reads, "Click here to remove this child."
  4. Once you have filled in a “Child box” for each of your children, click on the “Contacts” button under “Next Step” at the top of the screen.
  5. Click the dropdown menu to select the total number of people you would like listed as contacts in case the school needs to get in touch with someone. Include parents and guardians as well as all emergency contacts you would like to have listed.
  6. Once you have selected the number of contacts, “Contact boxes” will appear, similar to the “Child box” you previously filled out. Fill out each “Contact box” in the same manner as the “Child box.”
  7. When you have filled out a “Contact box” for each of the contacts you indicated, click on the “Relationships” button at the top of the screen, under “Next Step.”
    Screenshot of a fillable form that reads, "Pebbles Flintstone's primary contact is Fred Flintstone," with "Fred Flintstone" appearing in a drop-down menu. Below, it reads, "Fred Flintstone is her father," with "Father" appearing in a drop-down menu. Below is a blank field labeled "Comments." To the right are check boxes for "Receives Mail" and "Can Pickup Child." Below is a similar form, which reads "Wilma Flintstone is her Mother," with "mother" in a drop-down menu.
  8. Click the drop-down menu to select who is the primary contact. Click the check boxes that apply.
  9. When all relationships have been identified and you have clicked on the appropriate check boxes for each contact, click on the “Addresses” button at the top of the screen, under “Next Step.”
  10. Enter the address and phone number for the first contact.
  11. If the address for one contact is the same as another, indicate that by clicking the circle next to that option. You will have the option to choose which contact has the same address from a drop-down menu on the right.
    Screenshot that reads "Wilma Flintstone," with check boxes below that read "Same address as another contact," "Enter a new address and home phone number," and "Enter a new home phone number only." To the right is a drop-down menu, in which "Fred Flintstone" is selected.
  12. Once you have filled out the address and/or phone number for each of your contacts, click on the “Contact Info” button under Next Step.
  13. Create a password which along with the session key will allow you to access the pre-registration information you just inputted to make changes if necessary.
    Note: you can only make changes until you have met with the registrar since the session is removed once it is imported into our system. Include your name and either an email address or phone number. If you include an email address and you will receive an email which will list your session key.
  14. Click on the “Save” button under Next Step.
  15. You can click on the “Print” button to print a copy of the information you entered, if a printer is available.
  16. Click on the “Exit” button to go back to the initial district registration page and print off the other documents necessary for your meeting with the registrar.