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OWWMS Basket Raffle winners now available

March 5, 2019

The Oliver W. Winch Middle School Basket Raffle for the South High Marathon Dance raised more than $42,000 for this year’s dance. The winners for each basket are listed below. Anyone with questions can contact the OWWMS main office at 518-792-5891.

Basket A – Easter Basket, Stasia Collie

Basket B – Mystery Money Basket, Aaron Sherman

Basket C – That’s Amore, Alyssa Stevens

Basket D – Healthy Fryer, Lisa Fearis

Basket E – Instapot – Dinner’s A Snap, Lisa Locatelli

Basket F – Mindful, Angela Howard

Basket G – Gift Card Bouquet, Ellen Ketchum

Basket H – Dollar & A Dream, Tim Alden

Basket I – Bulldog Pride, Lynn Townsend

Basket J – Binge Basket, Diane Wells

Basket K – Candy Craze, Kelly Potter

Basket L – Kickback & Relax, Rose Cottrell

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