Off and Away Cell Phone/Electronic Device Procedure

South Glens Falls HS - September 2022

With the understanding that the increased student use of cell phones has had a damaging effect on learning, school culture and climate, and mental health, South Glens Falls High School is adopting what will be known as the Off and Away Procedure for student cell phone use starting September 8, 2022.  

The Quick Guide Basics (see below for more details):

  • Unless otherwise specified by a teacher for an approved activity, cell phones, earbuds, and earphones must be turned off and put away during class and study hall. Smart watches can be on but only when used as a watch. This includes being out in the hall during class/study hall time.

  • Students can access their cell phones before and after school, between classes, during the ten minute break, and during lunch.

  • If a student needs to contact a parent outside of the acceptable use time listed above, they must get permission from their teacher/study hall monitor and use the phone in the attendance office.

  • Students who have specific accommodations for access as part of a 504, IEP, or Health Care Plan will be allowed access based on the wording of their individual plan. 

The Extended Details

  1. All student cell phones will be turned off and put away at all times during academic instruction and study halls.  This includes when students are out of the classroom during class time (e.g. signed out of class to go to the bathroom, walking in the hallways, the library, etc.).

    1. Off is defined as powered fully off.  Not in airplane mode.

    2. Away is defined as out of sight and not easily accessible.  Examples include in a backpack or bag, in a pocket, locked in a locker, etc.  This does not mean turned over on the desk.

  2. As per SGF Board of Education Policy #5695, teachers may allow student cell phone use with specific, acceptable purposes.  The use of the phone should be for instructional purposes in connection with student learning or for immediate, necessary communication.  

    1. There are no “cell phone breaks” during academic classes or study hall.

    2. Teachers may allow appropriate, monitored cell phone use where necessary (e.g. contacting a parent when it can’t wait, ChromeBook malfunction etc., not to for entertainment, communication with peers, or social media, etc. )

  3. Student cell phones may be accessed during passing times between classes, during lunch, during the ten minute morning break, and before and after school.

  4. Students who are serving consequences during the school day or after school will not have access to their cell phones until their consequences have been served (e.g. detention, internal suspension, etc.).

  5. Students can contact parents for non-emergency communication through the phone in the attendance office.

  6. Students are not permitted to use earbuds, earphones, or smart watches unless for use in a teacher approved activity.

  7. This applies to all students at South Glens Falls High School.  Students who attend outside programming (e.g. BOCES, New Visions, PTech, ECCA, etc.) will follow the procedures for each of those programs, provided their use does not impact learning at South Glens Falls High School.   

  8. Students who have specific accommodations for access as part of a 504, IEP, or Health Care Plan will be allowed access based on the wording of their individual plan.