Please send the following to school with your child:

  • A large bookbag

  • Pencil/crayon box

  • Four boxes of Crayola Crayons – 24 ct.

  • Two boxes of #2 pencils, sharpened

  • 1 package index cards – any color

  • A bottle of white Elmer’s glue

  • One dozen Elmer’s glue sticks

  • 1 Package yellow highlighters

  • An old shirt or smock for Art activities (please label)

  • Headphones for the computer lab (no earbuds please). Place them in a large ziplock style bag with their name on it.

  • One pair of children’s scissors, blunt end

  • One box of Zip-lock (gallon sized) bags

  • One box of Zip-lock (quart sized) bags

  • 4 -Pack Play Dough

Last name begins with…

  • A—M – 1 package white paper plates

  • N—Z – 1 package pencil top erasers

If learning becomes remote- please have a white board and dry erase marker at home.  Along with  crayons and pencils.

  • Please be sure to label your child’s bookbag, smock, headphones with a permanent marker.

  • Please remember to send in a healthy snack and drink for your child every day. 

  • We will provide a folder for your child to carry papers home.  The folder should be brought to and from school each day.  This is our main source of communication for any notes or papers.

A big “Thank You” from the Moreau Kindergarten Team!!!!
Mrs. Howk & Mrs. Johnson

First Grade

2022-23 list coming soon

Second Grade

2022-23 list coming soon

Third Grade

2022-23 list coming soon

Fourth Grade

Welcome to fourth grade!  Here are the supplies that you will need in September!  Please bring them with you on the first day of school! 

  1. Pencils (at least 4 dozen) –The Ticonderoga pencils sharpen the best!

  2. Scissors (heavy duty, preferably adult size) 

  3. Pencil case with a zipper (please avoid the plastic boxes that don’t zip!) 

  4. Heavy duty 2-pocket FOLDERS in the following colors – red, blue, green, purple

  5. One “fun” folder of your choice (for music class)

  6. Colored pencils **no crayons please**

  7. 4 Highlighters (2 different colors)

  8. TWO composition (marble) notebooks (any color/design is fine!)

  9. TWO 1-subject spiral notebook – (any color/design is fine!)

  10.  3 X 3 Post-its (8 pads please)

  11. THIN dry erase markers (2)

  12. Pencil cap erasers (1 pack)

  13. Glue sticks (at least 2 LARGE size)

  14. Headphones – Please label with your name!

  15. A healthy snack every day 

  16.  A reusable water bottle to go home each day to be washed and refilled

Our classroom is always in need of extra school supplies. If you find a bargain this summer we would appreciate any extra supplies such as Ticonderoga and colored pencils, glue sticks and Post-its!

Fifth Grade

2022-23 list coming soon