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Moreau Elementary School focuses on kindness

November 5, 2018

Students at Moreau are spreading kindness through small gestures.Moreau Elementary School students are focusing on kindness this year as part of the theme of the year, “Kindness Begins with Me.” Each day, students and staff are discussing ways to be kind both in school and outside of school.

However, Mrs. Pisani and Mrs. Reinemann’s fourth-grade class has taken its job of spreading kindness to a whole new level! How are they making Moreau, and in turn the community, a better place?

  • Each morning, a fourth-grade student greets the children as they come in with a high five and a good morning.
  • At the end of the day, two students stand holding the doors and wish everyone a good day.
  • Fourth-grade students have been practicing reading books on kindness and then going into other classrooms and read to younger students.
  • They are working on a kindness handbook to share with each classroom that outlines steps to take to be kind.
  • They created a kindness challenge board that showcases a new way to be kind each week.
  • They leave notes of encouragement for classes in the cafeteria.

A student reading to a group.“Seeing our fourth-grade students take this work to heart and implement positive change in the building is fantastic,” said Moreau Elementary School Principal Rebecca Toleman. “All of these ideas were thought up by students and is being implemented by the kids. I’m incredibly proud of the ways they are inspiring other students and staff in the building.”

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