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Middle school and high school to modify virtual Wednesday schedules

February 12, 2021

Change designed to help those students who are not making adequate academic progress

To help students who need additional support with their coursework, the high school and middle school will be changing the Wednesday schedule beginning in March.

The new schedule will include 40 minutes of class time for each block in the morning, followed by in-person instruction for some students in the afternoon. Students who will be participating in the in-person learning labs on Wednesday afternoons will be contacted by the middle and high school counseling offices later this month.

“This year has been about flexibility for all of us as the building level and within the community,” said SGF High School Principal Pete Mody. “This newest change will make it possible for us to support students who are not making adequate progress through the current model, and enable us to ensure success for all of our students.”

Morning class schedules will be shared by building principals and available on the district website later this month. The change will be in place on three Wednesdays in March: March 3, March 17 and March 24.

Students who are selected to participate in the learning labs will be able to take district transportation to and from their school building if needed.

Students who are not participating in the in-person learning labs may be assigned asynchronous learning tasks to complete as they usual would on a virtual school day.

“I’m thankful for the adaptability of our staff in making this happen,” said Oliver W. Winch Principal Ray Ruby. “As a district our focus must be on helping all students succeed, and implementing this change will allow us to support students who need it.”

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