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Mental Health

The South Glens Falls Central School District believes, “Mental Health Matters,” and it’s critical that we help our students be at their best every day when they come to learn. Our district has several resources available for students to support this belief.

Why have mental health programs in schools?

Research shows being able to access more comprehensive mental health services within a school setting can prevent students’ issues from affecting emotional, academic or physical development, and can help provide relief from symptoms as soon as possible. Students who have easy access to a therapist often have better long-term outcomes.

Being able to access more comprehensive mental health services can help students improve academic performance and personal relationships with family and friends.

The district believes a school-based mental health program helps students overcome obstacles to success by enabling students to receive direct access to care during the school day. If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, contact the social worker or school counseling office at your child’s school.

School Counselors

School counselors work in the middle and high schools in the school district to support students’ needs, academically, socially and emotionally. At the high school level, counselors provide an organized program of counseling, instruction, and consultation to all students. This includes an annual review of each student’s progress, college/career guidance and planning, advisement/counseling services, and opportunities for parental involvement.

School Psychologists

School psychologists work in all of the district’s schools, providing supports to students and families. The district currently employs four psychologists. One at the high school, one at the middle school and two serving the four elementary schools. School psychologists are uniquely qualified members of the school teams that support student’s abilities to learn and teachers’ abilities to each. They apply expertise in mental health, learning and behavior to help children succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally.

School Social Workers

The district employs two social workers, which serve the district’s four elementary schools, providing support for students and families.

Social workers are trained to provide a variety of services, ranging from psychotherapy to the administration of health and welfare programs. They work with human development and behavior, including the social, economic, and cultural systems in which people function.

Partnership with Saratoga Center for the Family

The South Glens Falls Central School District currently has a partnership with the Saratoga Center for the Family to offer comprehensive school-based mental health services for students in all grades.

As part of the contract service agreement with Saratoga Center for the Family, a full-time clinical social worker will be available to serve students and families within the district. This therapist will be interacting with students and their families on a daily basis with office locations in our schools.

What service will the Saratoga Center for the Family social worker provide?

  • Individual, group and family counseling
  • Treatment of depression
  • Grief and loss support
  • Crisis prevention, intervention and treatment
  • Suicide prevention, intervention and treatment
  • Education and awareness regarding self injury
  • Consultation with classroom teachers on mental health interventions for individual students
  • Mental health promotion, awareness and education
  • Stress and coping: promoting staff and student resiliency during difficult times
  • Personal safety information
  • Medication support and management
  • Parent education and training
  • Psychiatric support and re-entry planning
  • Educationally related mental health services

Partnership with The Prevention Council of Saratoga County

Prevention Education

  • Fourth Grade: “Too Good for Violence” programming
  • Sixth Grade: “Too Good for Drugs” programming
  • Eighth Grade: Peer leader training for 30 students

Student Assistance Counselors/Reconnecting Youth Class

  • Three counselors provide services in all four elementary schools, and to middle and high school students.
  • Reconnecting Youth class in high school three days a week.

Partnering with Community Coalition for Family Wellness

  • Suicide prevention awareness programs and training
  • Student prevention assessment surveys
  • Social norm campaigns at the high school