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New meal charge policy goes into effect Nov. 1, 2017

October 18, 2017

The South Glens Falls Central School District has recently implemented a revised meal charge policy, which will go into effect on Nov. 1, 2017. This change was made and is being communicated as a result of May 2017 guidance by the New York State Education Department.

The district understands that on occasion, students may not have enough funds for a meal. To ensure that students do not go hungry, but to promote responsible student behavior and minimize the fiscal burden to the district, students who do not have enough funds can “charge” the cost of meals and pay them back at a later date.

To comply with state guidelines and maintain a system for accounting for charged meals, regarding both full and reduced-price meals, the meal charge policy is as follows:

Only regular school lunch meals can be charged. This does not include extras, à la carte items and snacks.

Elementary Schools – Grade K – 5: There will be a limit of 3 meals per student per year. Only 1 breakfast charge is allowed per year.
Middle School – Grades 6 – 8: There will be a limit of 1 lunch charge per student per school year. Only 1 breakfast charge is allowed per year.
High School – Grades 9 – 12: No charges of a student lunch meal will be allowed at the high school.
It is expected that all charge obligations will be paid before further charges are allowed.

After students reach their charge limit, they can receive an “emergency meal,” which consists of a peanut butter or cheese sandwich, vegetable, fruit and milk. The district is now required to charge full price for all emergency meals. (Students who receive reduced-price meals will pay the reduced price.)

Parents will be notified by phone and email a minimum of two times per week when a student’s account balance falls to $0.75. These regular notifications will continue until the account is replenished. Parents must repay all unpaid charges remaining at the end of the year or before their child leaves the district, whichever occurs first.

Unpaid meal charges are a financial burden to the district and taxpayers and can negatively affect the school program. Unpaid meal charges shall be considered “delinquent” as per the district’s accounting practices. The district shall attempt to recover unpaid meal charges before the end of the school year, but may continue efforts into the next school year. Students with unpaid meal charges at the start of the year will not be able to charge meals.

To help manage school lunch payment, the district offers the online system MySchoolBucks. For more information about registering for the program click here.

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