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Math Corner will help parents and teachers

November 24, 2014

Students working on mathThe South Glens Falls Central School District is excited to unveil a new section of the district website, “Math Corner.”

The Math Corner was created with materials developed by the district math coach, Jerilyn Hogan, and serves as a central location for elementary teachers, parents and even students to find math resources and enrichment opportunities.

“With the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, we know that families will have questions about the new methods our educators will be using in the classroom,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Kristine Orr. “Developing the Math Corner was a way for us to provide a wealth of knowledge for parents—to answer some of their questions and to demonstrate through videos what our mathematics instruction looks like. We hope this site will help make the change easier.”

On the website, visitors will see math terminology, grade level information and printable math games, as well as a glimpse into instruction in each elementary grade level through videos. Especially useful for adults might be the parent packets , which are being developed for each unit of study for each grade level.

Students working on mathHogan, whose position as the district’s elementary math coach is being funded for the year through a New York State Strengthening Teacher Leader Effectiveness grant, has been an elementary teacher in the district for several years.

“I hope this collection of materials provides a way for families to engage in mathematics with their children at home, and provides tools for a better understanding for both parents and students,” Hogan said.

Visit the Math Corner online by clicking here.

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