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Jumpstarting the college and career conversation

March 21, 2016

Staff wearing college gearFor most middle school students, college and careers can seem light years away.

Many middle schools students are not exposed to college and career readiness outside of the Home & Careers Curriculum, and the middle school staff wanted to change that.

To help middle school students explore their options for life after graduation, teachers, faculty and staff decided to call Wednesday, March 16 “Middle School College & Career Day.”

“We, as a building, are the best resources for our students and each of us has an important story to tell,” said OWWMS School Counselor Terri Brown. “Many students don’t realize that ‘our paths’ aren’t what they might think.”

The counseling department members encouraged staff to take time during the day to share their stories of school and training that led them to a job at OWWMS. In addition to providing them with information, staff members dressed in their own or their family’s college gear. It was important for Brown and the counseling department to let students know that their teachers could be resources for them beyond just their academics.

Staff wearing college gear“The goal of the day was to show students that everyone has taken a different path through education to get where they are,” said OWWMS Principal Tim Dawkins. “We all start out on different paths with different levels of support. There is not one type of person that goes to college. We all have our own unique journey and story.”

Brown said she has heard that students and staff enjoyed the day and that the students, especially, learned a lot about their teachers.

“This day gave our faculty and staff one more opportunity to connect with students in a meaningful way, and the opportunity to show them that they can pursue higher education, too!”


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