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Teacher Aide Job Description

General Duties

  • Assist the teacher and student in the performance of their functions by performing varied duties associated with teaching and learning. Examples of duties are:
  • Prepare instructional materials
  • Collect and arrange displays
  • Assist teacher in special demonstrations and assignments
  • Supervise and work with students and groups
  • Maintain records that require use of a computer/technology
  • Inventory materials
  • Type and collate materials and documents
  • Operate photocopy machines
  • Catalog and file documents
  • Distribute books and supplies
  • Procure and return A-V equipment
  • Maintain bulletin boards
  • Assist with school clerical work

Required Knowledge & Abilities

  • Deal effectively and professionally with students
  • Understand and follow oral/written instructions
  • Neatness, accuracy, professionalism
  • Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position


  • High school graduate and/or equivalent experience and knowledge
  • Good general intelligence
  • Ability to establish good relationship with children
  • Above average clerical aptitude
  • Resourcefulness
  • Neat personal appearance
  • Ability to maintain discipline
  • Tact; courtesy; good judgment
  • Physical condition commensurate with demands and expectations of such position