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School Business Manager Job Posting


  1. Saratoga County Civil Service School Business Manager Certification.
  2. Minimum five (5) years experience in public schools in New York State or related experiences.
  3. Experience with government accounting, organizational planning, supervision, etc.
  4. Demonstrated success in management, accounting, supervision, organizational planning.

SALARY: Established by the Superintendent of Schools/Board of Education.

Directs the business management and fiscal affairs of a school district; does related work as required. Duties involve responsibility for overseeing and coordinating the business management and transportation activities including the maintenance of financial records, purchasing, payroll, insurance and investment planning, and budget control. The work is performed under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools in compliance with pertinent laws and policies of the Board of Education. Latitude is given for the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out such duties and responsibilities. Supervision is exercised over district accounting and business office personnel and shall be exercised over other non-teaching personnel.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: (The following are illustrative only and not limiting or all inclusive.)

  1. Oversees financial planning for the district including insurance and income investment.
  2. Supervises business office staff engaged in accounting, payroll, cost analysis and inventory control.
  3. Oversees the purchasing of district goods and services.
  4. Assists in selection, placement and advancement of noninstructional staff.
  5. Takes preliminary disciplinary action as needed and recommends terminations to the Superintendent.
  6. Supervises expenditure of funds authorized by the district budget in accordance with Board policy.
  7. Organizes and directs in-service training programs for support personnel.
  8. Prepares specifications and bid proposals.
  9. Performs and supervises internal audits and ensures recommendations of external, internal and state audit reports are carried out and implemented.
  10.  Confers with and advises the Superintendent of Schools on a variety of business management, fiscal matters and affairs.
  11.  Controls, plans, directs, and supervises the development of the annual school district budget.
  12. Controls and supervises the application of the school district budget, making provisions for expenditures and adjustments within budget parameters and purchasing procedures.
  13. Serves as Purchasing Agent for the School District.
  14. Provides general supervision and direction of the School Maintenance/Custodial Program, School Transportation Program, School Lunch Program, Technology Department and School Business Office through the supervisors of these departments.
  15. Maintains an accurate and current inventory of school properties, equipment and facilities
  16. Maintains personnel records electronically for all non-instructional personnel.
  17. Serves as district resource person in negotiations with employee negotiating units; develops such analysis as may be required prior to and during periods of negotiations; generates projections of the potential fiscal impact of negotiations proposals; serves as a member of the District negotiations committees.
  18. Participates in the Administrative Cabinet.
  19. Develops and maintains an ongoing system for establishing the District’s cash flow and fiscal condition on both short and long-term bases; monitors and projects the management and investment of funds to achieve maximum earning within the standards of acceptable and permissible procedures; makes provision(s) for borrowing to meet financial obligation when necessary.
  20. Represents the District at area and regional meetings pertinent to school business affairs and related concerns.
  21. Other such duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.

Thorough knowledge of modern technological school business procedures and equipment, of public personnel practices, and of budgetary procedures; strong knowledge of accounting methods; ability to readily acquire familiarity with the laws, policies, regulations, practices, functions and personnel of a district; ingenuity and resourcefulness in handling school business problems; ability to plan and supervise the work of others; tact and courtesy; good judgment; ability to present written and oral comments and opinions clearly and concisely; thoroughness and dependability; good physical condition and a sense of humor.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve-month position.

EVALUATION: Evaluated in accordance with Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and job description by the Superintendent of Schools.