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Works Cited

WORKS CITED / Bibliography

Why: Leave a trail for someone to validate your information.

Learn to give credit where credit is due.

It lends credibility to what you’ve written.

When you do a report, remember to copy your ABC’s of citation:

A = Author

B = Book Title

C = City (closest to you)

C = Company (Publishing Company)

C = Copyright date (most recent)

Also note the volume, page #s, and dates of anything you use. You may need this information also. Proper MLA formats are simplified below. Try to follow the punctuation carefully! Watch your underlining, : (colons) , ” (apostrophes), . (periods) and spaces.


Author’s last name, First name. Book Title Underlined . City published : Publisher, 199x.


Editor’s last name, first, ed. Book Title Underlined. City published : Publisher, Date.

Magazines (also called PERIODICALS)

Author’s last name, First name. “Article Title in Quotes.” Name of Magazine Underlined. April 1999: 2-4. (That’s the issue date: page #s .)

Newspaper Article

Author’s last name, First name. “Article Title in Quotes.” Name of Newspaper Underlined. 13 June 1999: 4+ .

( 13 June 1999: 4+, is an example of the date, followed by page #s – the + sign indicates the article continues on a non-consecutive page .


– Citing from common encyclopedias, such as World Book, has been simplified!

“Title of Article in Quotes.” Encyclopedia Name Underlined. 1992 ed., page(s).


Last name, First Name. “Subject of interview.” (Interview), July 15, 200x.


Clinton, William. “Presidential Job.” (Interview), July 15, 2001.

Citing from the Internet

WWW sites – Look at the bottom of a web page to see who or what company is responsible for the content. Perhaps you shouldn’t even be using the site? Is it a credible site? Is it a reputable company or university?


Responsible person/or corporation name (if listed). Name of Home Page in Italics. Date accessed online by you. <http:www.webaddress>.


Perry, Edward. The Cloning Source. University of Chicago. February 22, 2002. <>.

Online Journal

Author’s name (last name first). Article title. Date of Internet publication. Date of access, <http://www.URL>.

Articles from an Electronic Database such as Gale, Searchasaurus, PROQUEST, etc .

Author’s last name, First. “Title in Quotes.” Periodical title Underlined Day Month 200x. Database Title. Date accessed.


Clinton, Hillary, “I Want to Run.” Newsweek. 13 September 1999. Proquest. 13 October 1999

* Prepared for you by your librarians.