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First-Ever Twitter Takeover offers insight into student life at South High

April 3, 2017

Twitter iconYou may notice more frequent posts on our South Glens Falls Central School District Twitter feed during the month of April. Why? It’s our first-ever Twitter Takeover!

We’ve given the keys to two South Glens Falls High School students and are allowing them to Tweet about their school, student life, and the daily comings and goings of life in the halls of South High as part of our feed @SGFSchools.

Our Tweeters during the month of April will be seniors and South Glens Falls CSD Board of Education representatives Tom Sperry and Joe Endieveri.

Why are we holding a Twitter Takeover?

Our district is not just one voice, but many. There are hundreds of staff members and students who make up our community, and all of them have a unique perspective to share. We believe that these voices collectively make up the one voice of the South Glens Falls Central School District, and we want these many voices to have a chance to speak!

Before setting up our students with the account, the district created guidelines for appropriate posts.

HS seniors who will tweet during the month of April

Twitter Takeover: Two students will Tweet through our district account during the month of April.

“We believe that part of our responsibility as a school district is to teach our students how to be responsible digital citizens, and we are confident that we are doing a good job,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Development Kristine Orr. “We trust our students and we believe they have a unique perspective that we as administrators do not have. We are looking forward to seeing the engaging content they develop during the first Twitter Takeover!”

Our Twitter Takeover members won’t sign their Tweets with a special initial or use a special hashtag. Their voices are our district voice, and we are delighted to offer them the opportunity to be a part of our social community online.

In the future, we hope to offer the opportunity to students in different grade levels, schools and to our faculty and staff as well.

Are you a faculty or staff member, or student who is interested in taking part in a future Twitter Takeover? Email

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