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Elementary Report Cards

Recently, New York State and the South Glens Falls Central School District adopted new, more rigorous standards for what every child should know and be able to do in each subject area and grade level. The Common Core State Standards set high expectations for students, staff and schools. Along with the new standards comes a new way to measure student progress.

“We wanted our report card to reflect the learning going on in the classroom and to better align with the standards we have adopted,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Kristine Orr. “We want this report card to be easier for parents to read so they can understand their student’s achievement.”

The report card, which will be rolled out for elementary students during the 2014-15 school year, was designed by South Glens Falls educators and administrators who hope it will be a positive step in communicating grade-level expectations for student learning. The report card will provide valuable information on your student’s performance to the standards—from basic to advanced levels, as well as information on each child’s work habits, behavior and effort. It will now be issued three times a year instead of four, although parents will still have the opportunity for a parent-teacher conference in the fall.

View our Elementary Report Card Guide for Parents by clicking here, and view the video below. All elementary parents will learn more about these changes at their building open house/information night.