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District encourages discussion and reflection on gun violence in our country; activities planned for March 14

March 9, 2018

The Feb. 14, 2018, events in Parkland, Florida, have resonated throughout our country, our region and our school district. As you may have heard, students across the country are planning walkouts on this day.

In the South Glens Falls CSD, we have policies and procedures in place that are designed to keep our students safe every day. Our administrators and faculty work diligently to make sure that our students and schools are not vulnerable to similar tragedies. That being said, we believe that a national conversation on school violence and safety is a critical piece of our responsibility to protect our community’s children.

We want our South Glens Falls CSD students to be engaged, global citizens who are aware of these national issues and able to articulate their beliefs. To that end, students at both the middle and high schools will be able to join conversation, observance, have the opportunity to write to their Legislators and the opportunity to express their support for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, on March 14. See the letters below from both the middle and high school principals that include more details on planned activities.

The district would like to encourage families to have ongoing conversations with their children about school violence and school safety. Consider asking your children how they feel about what is happening and if they feel connected to our school. If you have questions, school counselors are available for support and can be reached by calling the main office of your child’s school.

The district supports students’ First Amendment rights. However, based on law, school walkouts have been deemed a disruption, and are therefore considered a violation of school district policy. Because of this, disciplinary actions that are outlined in the SGFCSD Code of Conduct must be applied.

Furthermore, the district does not believe a walkout is safe. To ensure students have the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment, programs are in place for March 14 at both South Glens Falls High School and Oliver W. Winch Middle School that will engage students in reflection and collaboration on the topic of school safety at both the local and national levels.

Letter to high school families from Principal Pete Mody.

Letter to middle school families from Principal Tim Dawkins.


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