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2020-21 District Academic Targets

District Academic Targets

1. Increase the cohort graduation rate and the number of students earning an Advanced Regents Diploma by 2%.

2. Increase proficiency on NYS Regents exams and grades 3-8 state assessments by 5%. Maintain or make progress towards 90% proficiency and 40% mastery rates.

3. Increase the number of students in grades K-5 who are performing at or above the grade level standard in literacy by 10%.

District Goals

4. Continue to review the mission statements with current students to look for suggesting on modifying our overall vision.

5. Adopt three themes for the year and report on these to increase student safety, well-being and achievement.

  • Every student should feel safe in our school.
  • Mental health struggles affect many of our students and we need to understand the effects and support all of our students in need.
  • Students should be engaged in their learning and we must provide our students with a variety of opportunities for the changing world.