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COVID-19 Update – Dec. 21

December 21, 2021

Test to Stay 

Our first in the state pilot – now continuing – program allows healthy, unvaccinated students to stay in school and only quarantine outside of school hours

  • All decisions on this program are made by Saratoga County Health
  • Programs has had two changes since inception:
    • We now test on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and reserve the right to increase if necessary.
    • TTS is now approved for exposure at school events.
      • Students still cannot participate in extracurricular activities (New York State Department of Health).

By the numbers…

  • Approximately 425 students have completed TTS.
  • Three positive cases were found during that time.
  • Over 1,300 tests have been conducted.
  • 93 percent of eligible families have agreed to take part in the program.

Quotes from Parents and Students 

“Thank you for taking on the program to pilot. Our son was able to miss zero days of school, we missed zero days of work, and it made all the difference to our family”

“I wanted to reach out to say a big THANK YOU! for the pilot program on testing to stay at SGF. It seems to be the first understandable thing to happen during the entire pandemic and I appreciate you taking the chance to see how it unfolds. I feel very strongly against quarantining healthy children and this feels like a step in the right direction.”

“It was nice to keep my daily routine at school. It was a relief to continue to learn in person and not have the additional stress that goes along with virtual learning..”


Vaccination Clinics

  • Around 250 students were vaccinated at our clinic for ages students ages 5 to 11 
  • We have been receiving requests for a second one at school since then. 
  • Booster clinics for adults – will do a second one of these as well.

What’s next? 

Advocacy – Where is the off-ramp?

  • Neighboring states have linked vaccine rates to reduction of mask use in schools
    • Will NY go in this direction? 
  • Advocacy group wants to know the game plan so we can communicate with families
    • With the rise in numbers right now, this may not happen for a while. 

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