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Community shares in grand opening of new transportation/operations & maintenance facility

November 15, 2018

SGF students at the new transportation/operations & maintenance facility!A grand opening ceremony of the district’s new transportation/operations & maintenance facility was held on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Nearly 100 employees, community members and students packed the expansive maintenance bays while South Glens Falls Board of Education President Bill Elder and Superintendent of Schools Kristine Orr welcomed the community and shared their excitement.

“When we talk about exciting days in our school district, this one ranks right up there!” said Orr, who explained that work on making the new facility a reality began in 2015 with a community advisory committee. “It takes hard work to create something like this.”

The current transportation facility was built in 1947 during a time when the district had a fleet of six buses, and student enrollment was about one-third of what it is today. The new Department of Transportation-compliant facility that would combine services for both the transportation and operations and maintenance departments.

The new facility includes four state-of-the-art bus lifts, which address safety concerns for district personnel, who have been using in-ground pits to repair our buses. The building also includes a training room and adequate locker rooms and restrooms for the 100-plus members of the two departments, as well as a bus wash so that vehicles can be properly cleaned and maintained.

The building is the result of a $57.8 million capital project that was approved by the community in 2015. The goals of the project are to advance and improve instructional programming; improve health, safety, handicapped-accessibility compliance and security measures; achieve energy efficiencies and other cost-saving measures; and protect the community’s long-term investment in its school facilities.

The original transportation facility next to the middle school will be maintained for storage.

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