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Transportation/Operations & Maintenance Improvements Capital Project Plans

Transportation/Operations & Maintenance Improvements

($12.9 million, estimated completion in Dec. 2018)

  • Construct a DOT compliant facility for transportation
  • Consolidate services for transportation and maintenance departments to improve efficiencies
  • Address health and safety of work environment for district personnel
  • Provide adequate space for daily operations of the transportation and operations and maintenance departments
Transportation/Operations & Maintenance facility plans.

Transportation/Operations & Maintenance facility plans.

District-wide Improvements

  • Improve building site safety: separate bus and parent drop-off areas, improve exterior walkways and lighting, increase parking capacity
  • Ensure there are secure vestibules at each school building
  • Upgrade kitchen equipment across district kitchens
  • Relocate administrative center to existing space within high school
  • Upgrade energy management systems to improve efficiencies
  • Replace select roofing, windows, doors and flooring

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