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Tanglewood Elementary School Capital Project Plans

Tanglewood Elementary School

($5.4 million, estimated completion in Aug. 2019)

  • Expand library media center
  • Construct a two-room addition for special education classrooms
  • Renovate music/art classrooms to improve student learning environment
  • Create therapy suite to provide specialized spaces for learning support
  • Renovate and increase public and staff restroom facilities
  • Renovate interior classroom spaces to improve program delivery
  • Improve security at building entrance
  • Construct separate bus and parent drop-off areas to improve student safety and efficient traffic patterns, add additional onsite parking and build improved walkways
Tanglewood Elementary School plans.

Tanglewood Elementary School plans.

Proposed Tanglewood Elementary School site plan.

Proposed Tanglewood Elementary School site plan.

District-wide Improvements

  • Improve building site safety: separate bus and parent drop-off areas, improve exterior walkways and lighting, increase parking capacity
  • Ensure there are secure vestibules at each school building
  • Upgrade kitchen equipment across district kitchens
  • Relocate administrative center to existing space within high school
  • Upgrade energy management systems to improve efficiencies
  • Replace select roofing, windows, doors and flooring

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