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By the numbers

November 19, 2021

Test to Stay

We have been working with the Saratoga County Health Department on this ongoing pilot program. The numbers below give you a picture of how this has been working in SGF. We expect things to change slightly as we progress and with the rise in students who will be fully vaccinated, we expect these numbers to change as well.  


Thoughts from a parent –  “Thank you for taking on the program to pilot. Our son was able to miss zero school, we missed zero work, and it made all the difference to our family.”

Thoughts from a student – It was nice to keep my daily routine at school. It was a relief to continue to learn in person and not have the additional stress that goes along with virtual learning.”

Vaccination Clinic 

Over 280 students aged 5 to 11 took part in our first vaccination clinic on Friday. We will be running a second clinic if interest continues. Getting our students vaccinated is one of the best mitigating strategies we can do to get our students and schools back to normal routines.


Week of 11/8

Thirty-one students and staff members were reported positive to the district during the week.  

  • 8 students and 3 employees at MS
  • 6 students and 2 employees at HS
  • 5 students at Ballard
  • 4 students and 1 employee at Tanglewood
  • 2 Students at Harrison


We have been able to contact trace all cases that we needed to with the Saratoga County Health Department.  All healthy, vaccinated students can remain in school.  All healthy, unvaccinated students were offered the opportunity to take part in the pilot, Test to Stay (see above.)

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