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Roxanne Weller

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Roxanne Weller

An enthusiastic and vocal supporter of South High athletics for more than four decades, Roxanne M. Weller was a passionate and dependable advocate for children and the South Glens Falls community.

Born in Glens Falls in 1940, Roxanne graduated from the Kubaski American Dependent School in Okinawa, Japan in 1958. A year later, on March 21, 1959, she married Lester Weller in Fair Haven, Vermont. Together, they raised four boys in Gansevoort.

Roxanne’s remarkable life centered around her boys — Kelly, Darwin, Howard and Shawn. All four boys were standout wrestlers for the Bulldogs, and if you ever went to a wrestling match when one of them was wrestling, you remember Roxanne. She was usually in the front row of the bleachers, cheering on not only her boys but all of the South High wrestlers. She was also head scorekeeper from 1975 to 1987.

Roxanne was also a pioneer. She was the first female coach for South Glens Falls Little League in 1973. In the early 1960s, with four young boys at home, she raced her 1956 Pontiac and went undefeated over a four-year span.

She was a childcare provider for 10 years at the Moreau Community Center, and a beloved teacher’s aide for special education students at Ballard Elementary School for 39 years, retiring with much fanfare in 2011.

Roxanne won countless awards. She won the 1982-83 Varsity Club Award, and the 1983-84 Wrestling Team Mom Award. In 1987, she was the inaugural winner of the Roxanne Weller Award, which is given annually to a deserving member of the South High wrestling family. She was honored in 1994 for her unending support of the South Glens Falls softball all-star teams, and in 1999 she received another award from the South High Girls’ Softball program.

Respected and loved by everyone who came in contact with her, Roxanne volunteered her time to countless school programs. Whether it was selling 50/50 raffle tickets or serving food at the concession stand during games, Roxanne was always around. And she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind! She was honest and sincere, and she didn’t mince words. She was true to herself, and true to her beliefs. And she had an unending love for her children and her eight grandchildren, and for the thousands of students lucky enough to come in contact with her at Ballard.

Her former principal, Rosemary Porteus, wrote the following about Roxanne: “She was always sensitive to the needs of the children and worked hard to help them…If time permitted, she would go to other classrooms and offer help to children there if needed. Roxanne also worked in the Latch Key program. She got to school early to greet the children, and also worked in the afternoon group.”

Eleanor Beson, a retired special education teacher at Ballard who worked closely with Roxanne, wrote, “I witnessed Roxanne giving of herself and her time to benefit others, both on a personal and professional level, to support her children, grandchildren, friends, students, colleagues, teachers and administrators alike. Roxanne’s wholehearted involvement in whatever was happening around her was readily apparent. She made the most of every minute of every day.”

Ms. Beson said the words “enthusiastic, passionate, supportive, articulate and dependable are adjectives that readily come to mind when describing Roxanne.”

Roxanne passed away on Aug. 4, 2013, but her impact upon the South Glens Falls community will live on through her children, her grandchildren, and the countless lives she brightened by her irrepressible spirit.