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Jeff McCabe

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Jeff McCabe

A 1979 graduate of South High, Jeff McCabe served his hometown as a police officer from 1981 to 2007, when he retired. He is now a Moreau Town Justice.

Jeff started the DARE program in the South Glens Falls School District, and worked closely with elementary school principals Whit Butterfield, Dick LaMarche, Steve Black and Jim Baker to help fifth-grade students make good decisions and positive life choices. He also started the DARE role model program that involved senior high students mentoring elementary-aged students.

Before he started the DARE program in the school district, Jeff was asked to speak to Ellen Koman’s 8th-grade health class in 1986. He continued speaking to health classes for the next 10 years until Ms. Koman retired and he started the DARE program.

“I never would have started the DARE program if it weren’t for Ellen Koman inviting me to speak to her class in 1986,” Jeff said.

As a student at South High, Jeff was one of the organizers of the first Marathon Dance in 1978. He stayed actively involved in the Marathon Dance, serving as an adult supervisor for 26 years and head of security for 18 years.

A standout soccer player at South High for Hall of Fame coach Larry Smith, Jeff was a member of three Foothills Council championship teams. In a sectional game against LaSalle at Ichabod Crane, Jeff participated in the longest Section II soccer game in history when the Bulldogs played nine overtimes in a 1-0 loss. The next year, Section II officials changed the rules, instituting the shootout.

Jeff is also involved in the Boy Scouts and is an Eagle Scout himself. In 1977, he was awarded a prestigious public scouting award, which was presented to him by J. Walter Juckett, the president and CEO of the Sandy Hill Corporation.

Jeff worked at Moreau Recreation Park from 1976 to 1984 under the late Ron Lennox and the late Mike Nolan, both of whom he credits as being important life mentors to him.

Jeff won the Rotary Club District 7190 public service award in 1994, which was presented to him by fellow 2010 Hall of Fame inductee Dan Orsini. In 2000, he was named Public Servant of the Year by the William B. Reed Foundation and the Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Council for his work as a DARE officer. In 2002, he received the South High Marathon Dance Legacy Award from his former teacher and Hall of Famer Bill McCarthy.

As a Moreau Town Justice, he has officiated at a number of weddings of former South High students.

Jeff credits his mother and father, Doris and Gene McCabe, for his work ethic and his perseverance. Doris McCabe was Moreau court clerk for many years, and Gene McCabe was a longtime insurance agent. Jeff is one of six children, all South High graduates. His brothers are Ray, Rich and Bob, and his sisters are Doris and Cindy.

Jeff and his wife, Leeann, have one son, Mike, a 2006 South High graduate who recently graduated from Clarkson University. Jeff credits his wife and son for their assistance with the DARE program and the Marathon Dance, and for their love and support throughout the years.